Listen To iOS Network Communications

OS X has a command called rvictl, which can be used to proxy network communications from iOS devices through a computer over what’s known as a Remote Virtual Interface, or RVI. To setup an rvi, we will need the udid of a device and the device will need to be plugged into a Mac and have the device paired to the Mac. First we willl pair:
idevicepair pair
Then tap Trust on the device itself. Then we’ll grab that udid with idevice_id:
idevice_id -l
Next, we’ll setup a rvi with rvictl and the -s option (here I’m just going to grab the udid since I only have one device plugged into my computer):
rvictl -s 'idevice_id -l'
Then we can list the connections using rvictl with the -l option:
rvictl -l
Next, we’ll run a tcpdump using this newly constructed rvi0:
tcpdump -n -i rvi0